Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I wonder.

I guess a lot of you may be asking where I've been or what happened to the music events that I was so proud to be organizing or even apart of... or where did that girl go that was so full of energy...

well the answer is a lot has happened.

And I guess it took something pretty big in my life to make me take a step back and realize that maybe I was going too fast... or even being too selfish... or simply just missing what was really important in life...

"Don't get lost out there!" or "Remember where you came from!"... I never really got that...

until this day.

cuz now nights all blur together. And I wonder sometimes what was so special all of those times when I just had to be there... and I wonder if all those times when I had to meet Michael or Sophia or Ellie were really as important as it seemed...

And I wonder how the ones who aren't here now seemed far more important
than the ones that truly cared... about my well-being... or my inner-most thoughts... or who even took the time to have a coffee... or listen when I was down... or laugh when I was having a good time. or just plain be there for me.

I wonder if those moments that I can't really even remember were greater than the one who naturally filled me with positivity... or the one who gave me strength to do things that I never envisioned I could do... like run marathons even...or ride 40 or 50 miles without even thinking about it.

Wow. I look back on those words my loved ones used to say.

I did get lost. And I did forget.

Here are some photos taken during the last couple of weeks with my family and best friend in MI and OH.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Sequoias - Trees and colorful moments... :)

It's amazing how wonderful the place you live can be once you take the time to explore :-) I'm so used to leaving the country anytime I have a chance to get away. Well since I haven't quite had the chance (or the money! ha!) to fly fly so far away, I've been enjoying the beautiful land of California that I've never really gotten to know even though it's been my permanent residence for nearly ten years. LOL.

Ginormous mountains, well deep canyons, caves with tons of bats flying around!... and trees... some amazing trees I tell you... trees nearly 300 feet high!... and you + ten of your friends holding hands with your arms stretched out cannot even fit around most of them...

Love, love, love 'the nature.'

I got to experience the Sequoia national park & 3 Rivers for about a full 24 hours... a short but AWESOME trip for sure. Man did I enjoy the fresh air, the calm energy, and simplicity of nature. I always enjoy getting away from LA far too much. Hmmmm...

Monday, October 4, 2010

Fairytales and Caterpillars

Something you can only believe possible if you experience it yourself. A vast stretch of desert full of fairytales and caterpillars. hearts and bicycles. art-cars and magicians. musical sounds and soothing vibrations. After years of planning, anticipation, and wondering, my presence was made.

Burning Man.

A self sustaining community where the bizarre and obscure meet for a magical seven days. A land where anything and everything is possible.

one week full of absolute amazement.

Friday, June 25, 2010

6/18 PHILTER memories.

we live. we love. we dance. we laugh. we grow. PHILTER.

We thought we'd try something a little different for Friday June 18th. The Vanguard Lounge is a pretty cool spot. The lounge... sexy. The sound... tight. The spot... well known. Seven57 and Deejay Mza started the night off with enormous amounts of jazzy, soulful house... awesome! Raffaele Cannizarro joined them on the flute... extraordinary. And the familiar faces that we love to dance with all supported! Derek Dunbar (Black Cherry Records/ Dufflebag) jumped on the decks next. He killed it! The vibe grew and we couldn't get enough. Easily Influenced (HAWT) closed the night out...of course they totally rocked it! We literally have immense respect for their skills both production wise and on the decks...

Hmmmmm do it again at the Vanguard lounge? Not completely sure. We were asked to come back once a month, but we may hold out for a place that is completely ours. But we also haven't said an absolute no. We want to grow so of course it's in our best interest to find a spot that will allow us to do so. Let's see what the summer holds.


A tremendous thank you to all of those who contribute to PHILTER's huge success this past Friday night and always! :-) We did have such an amazing turnout that it was difficult to fit everyone in the lounge! (Whoooa!- sorry friends!) We definitely exceeded our expectations of an intimate soirée!

It must be said again...Derek Dunbar, Easily Influenced, Deejay Mza, and Seven57 absolutely rocked the partay! And we are so thankful to have been able to work with each one of them.

Just as expected, the vibe was off the chain!... HAWT, Junction, and the Jazzercise crew were ultimate forces in making this happen and we are ever so grateful for them to be apart of our festivities! :-)

Let's do this again friends. Stay tuned. We will keep you updated on what the summer holds for PHILTER.

Live life. Love life.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

5/12 | FIVE...our favorite WED of the month!

The 2nd WED of the month takes place tomorrow night! And we would be absolutely stoked if you were to join us at FIVE! Last's months FIVE edition was nuts! All laughs and craziness fooorrrr sure!

Join us at the Little Temple in Silver Lake for some more shenanigans tomorrow night!

Scott K * Wiseacre * Eduardo Castillo * DJ Kerry * produced by PHILTER

4 extraordinary artists... 1 fine event producer... 5 amazing friends.


The festivities take place at:

The Little Temple
4519 Santa Monica Blvd.
Silverlake, CA